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Photo captures created at the Old City Cemetery in Nashville TN.

The cemetery was established in 1822, the remains of many early settlers were brought to the cemetery for burial. General James Robertson, Gov. William Carroll, Sec. of Treasury George W. Campbell, Lt. General Richard S. Ewell, Brig. General Felix K. Zollicoffer and Capt. William Driver are among the 20,000 that are buried in the cemetery.
Weathered Sculpture At City Cemetery Nashville TNAnn Rawlins Sanders City Cemetery Nashville TNCatharine And Daniel Vaulx Nashville City Cemetery Nashville TNCouple Lying On Their Death Bed City Cemetery Nashville TNDecember View Of Gravesites City Cemetery Nashville TNFaded Blue Of Woman Of Sorrow City Cemetery Nashville TNFaded City Cemetery Headstones Nashville TNFemale Sculpture Hand Missing City Cemetery Nashville TNFive Above Ground Burials City Cemetery Nashville TNLost Loves In Bed City Cemetery Nashville TNMonument Of Governor William Carroll Nashville City CemeteryMother Weathered Standing Over Child City Cemetery Nashville TNMysteries Monument For Ann Rawlins SandersNashville City Cemetery WintertimeOrnate Above Ground Vault City Cemetery Nashville TNRebecca B Mikell And Robert Baxter Ornate Large Monument City CemeterySmith C Clark Brick Mausoleum City CemeteryStone Eagle On Governor William Carroll Monument City CemeteryThe Very Old Nashville City Cemetery Nashville TNThree Obelisk In A Row For The Bedford Family City Cemetery Nashville TN

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