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Customer Referral Program


  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to receive a FREE 8 x10 print of your choosing. All you have to do is refer 5 people to my site and they purchase photo captures from my site. I will send you a personal code to give them to use at the time of their checkout so I know they were referred by you and you will get credit for that sale.

  • 5 People Referred
  • $25 or more spent per person ( Does not include S&H.)
  • They must enter in your special code.
  • Must allow for two weeks per person/sale to clear. This allows for monies to clear and for their delivery to arrive to them.

I will contact you to let you know that all five of your referrals have cleared. You then can choose any photo and email me the title of the photo that interest and where you would like to have your FREE 8x10 shipped. I will then have an 8 x10 print sent directly to you.


Contact me for your special code

Thank You for your support of Photo Captures by Jeffery. . . .



PhotoCapturesbyJeffery Multi-Image Package


  You will save by choosing the photo capture multi-image package. During the check out process select the package and then add multiple images that you wish to purchase. You can add any combination of images to each individual print sizes.

5 - 4" x 6" Small Print
2 - 6" x 9" Small Print
1 - 8.5" x 11" Standard Print
1 - 10" x 15" Standard Print

1 - 11" x 14" Large Print

Framing and matting options are only available with individual photo print options not with packages and any specials running can not be used with packages that are purchased.


Thank You for your support of Photo Captures by Jeffery. . . .


NOTE: Any current specials running can not be used with the Pet Photo Capture session prints or products.




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