Photo Captures by Jeffery | Waterfowl
Waterfowl wildlife that are located in and around local lakes, ponds and creeks.
In Flight Great Blue HeronGreen Heron in nest with three eggsRock and Roll Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron perched sunning in the morning sunEight double crested cormorants perched on treeGreen Heron in nestSwimming about Radnor Lake male Wood DuckMale Wood Duck on waters of Radnor LakeMale and Female Wood Duck on waters of Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron watching about for fishGreat Blue Heron wading about Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron after diving in for a fishColorful Wood Duck floating close to bank Radnor LakeClose-up view portrait of Great Blue HeronWood Duck male swimming waters of Radnor LakeBlue Heron perched in cove of spillway damClose-up view landscape view Great Blue HeronBlue Heron Flying above log with turtles and ducksBlue Heron near bank of lake turtles and ducks on logBrown headed Canadian Goose floating on pond

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