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Waterfowl wildlife that are located in and around local lakes, ponds and creeks.
Great Blue Heron in Flight Gatlinburg TNGreat Blue Heron Leconte CreekGreat Blue Heron perched in tree Gatlinburg TNBlue sky filled with flying gullsMany a gull flying against blue skyMallard duck upside down in watersMallard duck resting head on bankMallard duck resting along bankGulls flying over Travis Price ParkGulls flying above lakeGulls against blue skyDucks swimming on waters Travis Price Park LakeDucks on the waters Travis Price Park LakeA gull flying over headTravis Price Park on bank near lake Mallard DuckClose view of gullTwo ducks upside down in watersOn bank of lake Travis Price Park Mallard DuckPano of Great Blue Heron on bank of Swan LakeMallard Duck on the waters of Swan Lake

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