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Contains photo captures of things would find in the day and night skies.
Krisp Full Moon in SeptemberGolden Yellow Full Moon SeptemberSeptember Full Moon with LeavesLeaves in front Full Moon SeptemberAugust Blue Moon SquareAugust Blue Moon Verison ThreeAugust Blue Moon Verison OneAugust Blue Moon Verison TwoPeaceful colorful sky above treesCumulonimbus tinted pink passionCumulonimbus soft and puffyCumulonimbus rising blue skyCumulonimbus hint of pinkCumulonimbusBright red orange lines of firework sparksBright greens reds line sparks of fireworks squareMulti colored lines sparks July 4th 2020July 4th fireworks above countryside squareJuly 4th 2020 fireworks in the rural country squareJuly 4th 2020 Buck Moon

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