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Red Panda and Baird's Tapir that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
Youngster Red Panda she is on groundTongue partially out Red Panda youngsterAdorable little Red Panda youngsterA snack in hand Red PandaYoungster Red Panda with her tongue sticking outLittle Red Panda on ground head turned backLittle Red Panda looking down at pawAdorable Red Panda lesser pandaAdorable cute Red Panda on groundRed Panda with a smileRed Panda laying on ground behind small treeRed Panda having a bite to eat before playingRed Panda climbing up small limbRed Panda climbing about on treeGround level of AmandaAilurus fulgens paw between limbAilurus fulgens climbing down treeAilurus fulgens climbing over Red PandaAilurus fulgens climbingTwo Ailurus fulgens rough housing

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