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Captures taken of Primates that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
Spider Monkey nibbling stalkSpider Monkey mouth wide open yawningSpider Monkey taste testing green stalkSpider Monkey looking surprisedSpider Monkey enjoying green stalkSpider Monkey mouth open head turnedSpider Monkey mouth open facing the rightSpider Monkey close-up looking to the sideClose-up view of Female White-cheeked GibbonTeenage White-cheeked Gibbon swing on small tree limbSpider monkey with head turned to the leftSpider Monkey model with lips openSpider Monkey resting head on part of treeSpider Monkey sitting huddled upSpider Monkey laying head down eyes looking upSpider Monkey hiding behind rockShy eyes Spider MonkeyLittle teenage White-cheeked Gibbon sitting on log knees upGracious Spider Monkey modelingAll three White-cheeked Gibbons heads turned

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