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Nashville Zoo’s newest exhibit, DinoTrek, opened March 16th and runs through July 31st. The following species are part of the animatronic dinosaur exhibit: Amargasaurus; Brachiosaurus; Carnotaurus; Compsognathus; Deinonychus; Dilophosaurus; Megalosaurus; Parasaurolophus; Protohadros; Styracosaurus; and Tyrannosaurus Rex. DinoTrek also offers a “Dino Dig” area where children can excavate fossils.
Campsognathus Putting On A Show For EveryoneCarnotaurus ICarnotaurus IIDilophosaurus IMegalosaurus PosingDeinonychus WatcherDeinonychus SlasherDilophosaurus IIIs There Another One Behind UsParasaurolophus Egg NestMommie Will It Bite MeParasaurolophusProtohadrusTrying To Pull Out A ToothTyrannosaurus rex About To Have DinnerTyrannosaurus Rex Sharp TeethTyrannosaurus Rex Watching For Its Next MealTyrannosaurus RexStegosaurus IIStegosaurus III

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