Photo Captures by Jeffery | Owls In Nature
102 photos

Gallery of Owls in their natural habitat in wilds of nature parks.

These owl prints are a great gift or addition to any animal lover, wildlife enthusiasts, kids room decor, wall decor and owl fans home or office.
Strix Varia behind bush with rodent in beakStrix Varia Barred Owl on top of dead tree with mealSquare sized photo of Barred Owl groomingPulling on meal Barred OwlPortrait of Hoot Barred Owl perchedPortrait of Barred Owl perched on small limbPerched on limb Barred Owl PhotographOtter Creek Road trail Barred Owl perched on small limbOn top of dead tree Barred Owl perched eatingNeck outstretched Strix Varia Barred OwlLandscape view of Barred Owl perched on limbHoot Owl perched a top dead treeHoot Owl Barred Owl PictureBarred Owl strix varia wall decorBarred Owl PhotographBarred Owl perched with meat in its beakBarred Owl grooming foot perched on small limbTop of dead tree Barred Owl perchedBarred Hoot Owl perched holding rodentBarred Owl eating rodent perched a top of dead tree

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