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An assortment of object photo captures that include Close-ups, Clothing, Collectibles, Figurines, Food, Mementos, Musical Instruments, Tools and Toys
Baskets of yarn close viewThree beds in a row 1824 Centre HouseThe Ministry Shop front officeSleeping gown hanging on wallSitting room The Ministry ShopSingle bed in resting room 1824 Centre HouseShaker desk in infirmary 1824 Centre HouseShaker bed cradles 1824 Centre HouseResting room in The Ministry ShopOld kitchen table 1824 Centre HouseOld Kitchen 1824 Centre HouseOffice with woodstove The Ministry ShopInside entrance 1824 Shaker Centre HouseInfirmary 1824 Centre HouseHand washer 1824 Centre HouseFront resting room The Ministry ShopExample of classroom 1824 Centre HouseDyed yarn hanging upon wooden pegsDyed yarn hanging on wooden pegsClose view of weaving loom 1824 Centre House

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