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An assortment of object photo captures that include Close-ups, Clothing, Collectibles, Figurines, Food, Mementos, Musical Instruments, Tools and Toys
Cross Bridges Methodist Church Stained Glass WindowStained Glass Window Cross Bridges Methodist ChurchDual Stained Glass Cross Bridges Methodist ChurchOlder ford mustang emblemWilly Aero Ace EmblemKennedy for President Sticker on Classic CarHDR shells squarePleurocera Acuta Shells inside Bursa Rubita Center Cut shellSeashell delight on whiteGlow of seashells on whiteHigh key assortment seashellsFour Colorful Spiral Shells squarePleurocera Acuta with Cockle Shell WingsPeacock Feathers Plus Blue FeathersPeacock Feathers Plus Blue Feathers squareBursa Rubeta Center Cut Sliced Frog Shell squareAssortment Seashells high keyChrist cross carvingCarving Christ with Female hand on cheekCarving Christ Cross Oval

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