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Captures of nature which will include insects, bugs, turtles, reptiles, seashells and an occasional lizard or two.
Slug on Red Amaryllis squareSlug on Red AmaryllisQueen Snake by CreekHaynie Branch Queen SnakeClose view Queen SnakeAcanthocephala terminalis close viewAcanthocephala terminalisBee on Sunroot flowerTiger milkweed butterfly resting on yellow wildflowerTwo hummingbird moths attachedTwo hummingbird clearwing moths attachedTwo clearwing moths attached on zinnia flowerSouthern Hawker on zinniaSouthern Hawker on tip of zinnia petalHummingbird moth on bright red zinniaClearwing moth polinating red zinnia flowerClearwing moth on bright pink zinniaBlue Hawker on zinniaBlue Hawker on light pink zinniaBlue Hawker dragonfly on zinnia

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