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Mount Olivet has been in continuous operation since being established in 1856. Many of Middle Tennessee's well known citizens, political and business leaders, including several former governors of Tennessee, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Congressional Representatives call Mount Olivet their final resting place.
Gothic Architectural Acklen MausoleumEight Roman Sculpture Large MonumentObelisk in front of large barren treeSad female with winged angel sculpturePine Tree Christ SculptureSad female sculpture Mount Olivet CemeteryPortrait sad female sculpture Mount Olivet CemeteryWell dressed male sculpture square formatWeathered obelisk Mount Olivet CemeterySide view of winged male angelQueen of softness female sculpturePortrait of male angel sculpture hands together in prayerMy love be chained Mount Olivet CemeteryMale sculpture dressed well Mount Olivet CemeteryMale angelic angel missing handMale angelic angel left hand missing sculptureHelp me release these earthly chains female sculptureHand to ear female sculpture Mount Olivet CemeteryFront view of winged male angelFloral gothic stone cross

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