Photo Captures by Jeffery | Mount Olivet Cemetery Nashville TN
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Mount Olivet has been in continuous operation since being established in 1856. Many of Middle Tennessee's well known citizens, political and business leaders, including several former governors of Tennessee, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Congressional Representatives call Mount Olivet their final resting place.
Archangel with beam of lightBeam of Light Archangel Mount Olivet CemeteryTokens Archangel Sculpture Mount Olivet CemeteryDownward view of male angel Mount Olivet CemeteryArchangel wings from above view Mount Olivet CemeteryA little in boy cherub portrait Mount Olivet CemeteryYoung lady looking down Mount Olivet CemeteryToes in the dirt of time Mount Olivet CemeteryThree pearl teardrops in hand Mount Olivet CemeteryRemorse in sadness Mount Olivet CemeteryPyramid tomb of Major Eugene C Lewis front viewPeek a boo Mount Olivet CemeteryPearl teardrop angel Mount Olivet CemeteryNude female angel Mount Olivet CemeteryMourning lady in hiding Mount Olivet CemeteryMale winged angel looking downward Mount Olivet CemeteryMale cherub angel Mount Olivet CemeteryLooking to the sky male angel Mount Olivet CemeteryLooking down at male statue Mount Olivet CemeteryLong hair mournful looking down Mount Olivet Cemetery

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