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Maplewood Cemetery, formerly known as the New Pulaski Cemetery, is a historic cemetery located in the city of Pulaski the county seat of Giles County Tennessee. The oldest section of the cemetery is known as Old Maplewood and in this section you will discover sculptures and obelisks.
Barren tree on grounds of Maplewood CemeteryElegant female sculpture at Maplewood CemeteryElegant female sculpture hand to face Maplewood CemeteryElegant female sculpture Maplewood Cemetery Pulaski TNElegant female sculpture Maplewood CemeteryFemale sculpture floral dress Maplewood CemeteryFemale sculpture head on hand Maplewood CemeteryFemale winged angel sculpture male sculpture background Maplewood CemeteryFemale winged angel with cross Maplewood CemeteryFist in air male sculpture Maplewood CemeteryFloral wreath close up Maplewood CemeteryFoot of stone Maplewood Cemetery Pulaski TNHead-shot male sculpture Maplewood Cemetery Black and WhiteHead-shot male sculpture Maplewood CemeteryLittle boy sculpture Maplewood Cemetery Pulaski TNLittle boy sculpture in shirt Maplewood CemeteryLittle child angel Maplewood CemeteryLittle child sleeping Maplewood CemeteryLittle female sculpture Maplewood Cemetery landscape viewLittle Female sculpture Maplewood Cemetery

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