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Gallery will hold a mixture of Irises. The iris is the state flower of Tennessee and was one of my moms favorite flower.
Sweet Iris Tall BeardedPortrait of Jesses Song Tall Bearded IrisElegant Petal Tall Bearded Iris 24Iris pallidaJesse's Song Tall Bearded IrisElegant Blue SiberianFish eye view Blue IrisBlue Siberian IrisWabash Tall Bearded IrisTall Bearded Purple Lavendar Orange Deep Yellow Beard closeTall Bearded Purple Lavendar Orange Deep Yellow Beard squareBlack Tie Affair PortraitBlack Tie Affair squareBig Blue Eyes Dwarf Iris squareShoot the Moon Yellow Bearded IrisShoot the Moon Bearded Iris PortraitSea Eagle squareSan Francisco IrisSan Francisco Closer ViewNightfall Tall Bearded Iris

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