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Riverview Cemetery began its history in 1800 located in Clarksville TN and is the oldest known public burial grounds in the area.

Greenwood Cemetery in Clarksville TN, Montgomery County, was established in 1873. Many of Clarksville's most prominent citizens are buried in Clarksville's largest cemetery.
Greenwood Cemetery Large TreeHeadstones The Left and Right of Tree Greenwood CemeteryGrief Abounds Riverview CemeteryIn Quiet Study Greenwood CemeteryLady Of The Elegance Riverview CemeteryLittle Girl Legs Crossed Greenwood CemeteryLittle Mattie Greenwood CemeteryLittle One With Missing Foot Greenwood CemeteryMourning Gown Greenwood CemeteryMustached Soldier Greenwood CemeteryNannie Tyler Greenwood CemeteryNannie Tyler Making Your Heart Feel Greenwood CemeteryNannie Wearing Her Necklace Greenwood CemeteryNannie West Garland Greenwood CemeteryNannies Portrait Greenwood CemeterySoldier Keeping Watch Greenwood CemeterySoldier Standing Guard By Canon Riverview CemeterySoldier Standing Guard Riverview CemeterySorrow In Hand Riverview CemeteryStepping High Soldier Greenwood Cemetery

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