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An array of different park gardens, private gardens and landscapes.
Weeping Willow next to pond LL Burns ParkLandscape close view Majestic Weeping WillowSmoky Mountains Some Barren TreesSmoky Mountains RecoveringRoaring Fork Motor Nature trailPlace of A Thousand DripsPine Trees Barren Trees Smoky MountainsPlace of A Thousand Drips Roaring Fork Motor TrailSmoky Mountain Gatlinburg TNPine Log Tree Place of A Thousand DripsGatlinburg Tennessee Smoky Mountains AppalachianQuarry Limestone hiding placeHidden Lake Trail heading to lakeHidden Limestone areaSummer field between trails Hidden Lake ParkLimestone from quarryLimestone wallsQuaint front yard gardenTrail in woods at Timberland ParkPortrait of woods along trail

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