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A mixture of animals that one would find on a farm.
Cows near Pond in meadowDusty donkey just rolled in dirtDonkey just after rolling in dirtAdorable Donkey with head tiltedOh great is he still photographing us cow humorHerd of Moo Cows in Pasture East SpringfieldHerd of different cows standing laying under shade treeHerd of different breed cows under shade treeHerd of different breed cows under shade tree verticalDifferent cows in pasture posing Eastern Springfield TNBrown cow amongst cows in pasture rural farm lifeBovin in pasture countrysideBlack and white cow front and centerBig one watching cow in pastureThree cows in pasture Eastern Springfield TNMoo Moos in pondRural country cows in pond Southern SpringfieldLone solid black cow in pasturePond with cows ducks canoe rural Robertson County TN farmWhite steer standing farm in Robertson County TN

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