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Captures of Elephants, Giraffes and Rhinos.
White Rhinoceros racingWhite Rhinoceros femaleWhite Rhinoceros female racingWhite Rhino prancingWhite Rhino posing to the rightWhite Rhino posing to the leftWhite Rhino female covered in mudWhite Rhino back legs upWhite Rhinoceros watching othersTwo White Rhinos one standing one laying down with smilesWhite Rhino with her tail curled upYes it is a hot day all four White Rhinos restingWhite Rhino head tilted leg bentFemale White Rhino laying down on dusty groundWhite Rhino showing her muddy selfWhite Rhino laying in muddy fieldWhite Rhino horn in folds of skinWhite Rhino Female near edge of mudWhite Rhino female about to walk in waterWhite Rhino does my tail make my hips look big

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