Photo Captures by Jeffery | Photographic Art
Captures artistically rendered during post processing and abstract photo captures.
Graffiti style abstract colorful lines version twoGraffiti style abstract colorful linesDark pink square format flamingo featherSoft feather Flamingo artisticPsychedelic abstract creek rocks Richland CreekKneeling purple male angelic winged sculptureKneeling blue male angelic winged sculptureColorful angelic angel winged male sculptureArtistic angel hands together in prayerKneeling red male angelic winged sculptureMale angel sculpture blue streaked angelArtistic rendering of angelic male winged angelPurple Angelic angel artistic renderingPlane in the distance coming in for a landingPlane heading up in flight artistic renderingJet plane in flight artistic renderingDual rockets jet plane artistic renderingDark view of Airplane in Flight artisticColorful artistic rendering dual rocket planeBlue artistic rendering of Jet plane

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