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I have placed goats, horses, mules and cattle under the umbrella of Farm Animals. They could be part of a conservation educational animal habitat.
Mr Goat with a smileGoat tan eyeGoat eye seeTan eye of goatTwo Nubian Goats RestingNubian Goat with a smile on her faceLoving eye of Nubian GoatFur of softness Nubian GoatBlond Nubian GoatLoving eye of a Belted Galloway CalfA Sly Nubian GoatWhite Moustached Nubian GoatNubian Goat with straw in its mouthCritter Encounters Nubian Goat sleeping with a smileNubian Goat resting upon his friendNubian Goat Smiling With PleasureNubian Goat Puffy CheeksNubian Goat Lost In ThoughtAlpine Goat Snuggling In BehindAlpine Goat Profile

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