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The Calvary Catholic Cemetery was established in 1868 by the Diocese of Nashville, TN.
Saint Mary Soft pastel pink skySaint Mary Soft pastel blue skySaint Mary MagdaleneSaint Mary Magdalene looking upon feet of crucifixionSaint Mary Magdalene Calvary Catholic CemeterySaint Mary in whiteSaint Mary Calvary CatholicPower of crucifixionMother Mary holding childMother Mary holding baby Mr BeanMother Mary and childMother Mary comforts meCrucifixion Calvary CatholicUpper of CrucifixionCalvary Catholic Cemetery crucifixionGothic Female Sculpture Calvary Catholic CemeteryEyes That Have Seen Male Sculpture Catholic CemeteryCalvary Catholic Priest Circle CrucifixionBe Still Let The Moment Surrender You Cross SculptureBarren Trees with Long Flowing Female Sculpture

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