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Creative and artistic Black and White photo captures of people, places and things that surround us.
Black and White Weeping Willow edge of PondBlack and White Weeping Willow edge of Pond LL BurnsWhite Dahlia flower with leaves black and whiteWhite Dahlia flower black and whiteTree and intertwined roots black and white Little RiverBlack and White Flowing Waters near Alfred Reagan HomesteadSepia of Noah Bud Ogle CabinSepia tone Alfred Reagan Tub Grist MillBlack and White Waters Near Alfred Reagan HomesteadSepia of Noah Ogle CabinRustic stairs in barn black and whiteWider view of stairs black and whiteOld style trail in woods Timberland ParkWoods of Timberland ParkLady Fern black and whiteShelf Fungi black and whiteBlack and white working farm barnMount Zion United Methodist Church Black and WhiteMount Zion United Methodist Church b&wMt Zion United Methodist Church Foggy Antiqued Photograph

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