Photo Captures by Jeffery | Birds
Captures of birds out in the natural world.
Zinnias in full bloom with American GoldfinchAmerican Goldfinch perched on side of Zinnia square formatTwo American Goldfinches perched on two seperate ZinniasTwo American Goldfinches perched on ZinniasPileated Woodpecker square format sizePerched upon a branch Bluebird of ParadisePerched on small branch against blue sky Blue-winged WarblerMale Red Northern Cardinal moltingFemale Northern Cardinal perched on limbColorful area of trail Pileated WoodpeckerBlue-winged Warbler perched on small branch blue skyBlue-winged Warbler perched on branch in the valleyBlue-winged Warbler perched in green leafy treeBlue-winged Warbler perched above waterBlue-winged Warbler perched end of branchBlue-winged Warbler on a small branchSquare format size of perched BluebirdBluebird perched upon a branchBluejay sitting in bird waist height of snowBluejay perched in hackberry tree

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