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Captures of big cats that include Bengal Tigers, Cougar, Eurasian Lynx, Clouded Leopards, Clouded Leopard Cubs and Sumatran Tigers.
Clouded Leopard two front pawsClouded Leopard front paws over tree limbClouded Leopard hiding behind thin plantClouded Leopard with a smileSumatran Tiger with tongue cleaningSumatran Tiger walking on fallen treeSumatran Tiger slowly walkingSumatran Tiger sitting near tree limbSumatran Tiger side viewSumatran Tiger right side viewSumatran Tiger restingSumatran Tiger portraitSumatran Tiger portrait of FrancesSumatran Tiger on tree lookingSumatran Tiger on rock looking downSumatran Tiger left paw up as she stepsSumatran Tiger laying down head turnedSumatran Tiger in restful stateSumatran Tiger FrancesSumatran Tiger Frances with mouth open

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