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A new Peru conservation exhibit here in Nashville TN for Andean Bears / Andean Short-faced bears / Paddington Bear. These wonderful photographic art captures will be great print gifts for those that enjoy appreciate and love bears.

On the grounds of the exhibit is an area for Guinea Pigs in a lovely grassy conservation exhibit.
Also on the grounds is a Pudu which is the worlds tiniest fully grown deer.

All these photographic art prints would be wonderful gifts for adorable animal lovers.
Southern Pudu laying down in tall grassSouthern Pudu laying down close viewSouthern Pudu very tiny deer laying downPudu tiniest deerPudu tiniest deer square formatPaw of Luka Andean BearLuka Spectacled bear taking a bite out of bambooLuka Spectacled bear pulling piece of bambooLuka Spectacled bear holding bambooLuka Spectacled bear enjoying bambooLuka Andean BearClose view of Luka mouth noseChilling out LukaThe most adorable Luka Spectacled bearAndean Bear LukaClose view of Luka laying head on pawClose side view of Spectacled BearUp out of the water Andean BearHeading up Andean BearGuinea pig with white haired head

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