Photo Captures by Jeffery | Artistic Animal Renderings
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Artistically creative digitally rendered photo captures of animals in Nature and in Educational Habitats.
Yellow and black tiny bird perched on Zinnia artistic renderingTwo American Goldfinches perched on Zinnias artistic painterlyEight double crested cormorants perched on tree  painterlySquare format of artistic rendering of Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron oil paint filter smoothingBlue Heron in flight legs crossed artistic renderingBlue Heron flying in from waters artistic renderingColorful Blue-winged Warbler perched on branch square format sizePileated Woodpecker artistic rendering Radnor LakeArtistic rendering of Pileated WoodpeckerRed-eared Slider artistic rendering on logArtistic rendering Strix Varia Barred Owl colorful photo printPainterly rendering of Pink Flamingo standing tallPurple Pink pattern feathers of Southern Crested ScreamerLight blue pattern feathers of Southern Crested ScreamerBlue pattern feathers of Southern Crested ScreamerPainterly rendering of affectionate Andean male bearsPainterly rendering of Andean Bear sitting on top treePainterly rendering of two male andean bears standingPainterly rendering of two male bears

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