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Artistically creative digitally rendered photo captures of animals in Nature and in Educational Habitats.
Painterly rendering of Great Blue Heron Swan Lake facing rightPainterly rendering of Great Blue Heron Swan Lake facing leftPainterly rendering two geese six turtles sunning on logArtistic painterly rendering two horses in pastureTwo reddish steers painterly rendering farm Robertson County TNBrown horse grazing next to red barn painterly renderingBarred Owl composite artistic imageArtistic rendering of backside Green HeronArtistic composite rendering barred owlTufted Titmouse in flight over wildflowers painterlyClouded Leopard back paws standing on limb painterlyClouded Leopard square view painterlyClouded Leopard tongue out painting effectClouded Leopard painterly effect side viewMale and Female Wood Ducks swimming painterly renderingPainterly rendering of horse grazing on farmArtistic rendering of Green poison dart frog11.75x11.75 Four Silhouette Great Blue Heron12x12 Four Silhouette Great Blue Heron20x20 Four Silhouette Great Blue Heron

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