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2018 NAIA Education Pow Wow and Fall Festival

The 37th Annual NAIA Education Pow Wow and Fall Festival was on October 19-21, 2018 at Long Hunter State Park in Nashville, TN offered the opportunity to personally experience the culture and spirit of the American Indian people.

The 3rd full weekend in October at the NAIA Education Pow Wow and Fall Festival you will get to experience: Native American Arts & Crafts, Dancers compete for over $20,000 in prize monies, Paintings, Pictures, Clothing, Indian Jewelry, Pottery, Storytelling, Indian Games, Demonstrations. Treat yourself to the delights of traditional native food, such as wonderful fry bread and delicious Indian tacos.
2018 NAIA Pow Wow Chicken DancerHead down Traditional DancerBeaded hawk with white blue red feathers2018 NAIA Senior Male Fancy DancerBack side view Traditional DancerBear Claw necklace on Native American DancerBright pink and blue feathers regaliaChicken Dance NAIA Pow WowChicken Dancer NAIA Pow WowChicken Dancer traditional Native DancerColorful center of feather bustleColorful dress of female native dancerColorful Native RegaliaColorful female Native American Dancer NAIA Pow WowColorful Regalia white blue red feathersColorful shaw of Native Female DancerColorful shirt colorful bead workDancer bent forward dancing to the beatColorful shoulder feathers RegaliaElegance of Fancy Feather Dancer

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