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The 35th Annual Indian Education Pow Wow & Fall Festival occurs during the month of October at Long Hunter State Park in Nashville, Tennessee. The educational Pow Wow & Fall Festival offers the opportunity to personally experience the culture and spirit of the American Indian people.
American Native DancerBack view of Native American dancer in regaliaBeaded Macaw FanBeaded regalia female dancerBear Claw First Nation DancerBear Claw Native American DancerBright Colourful Fancy DancerBuckskin First Nation Dancer at PowWowColorful Fancy Dancer in MotionColors of Native DancerConcentrating on the beatDancer Moving to Drum BeatElegant Buckskin Dancer at PowwowElegant regal female Native American DancerElegant Senior dancer with feather fanFancy Dancer at local PowWowFancy Dancer First NationFancy Dancer Moving to the beat of the drumFancy Native American DancerFemale Native Dancer with turtle shell pouch

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