Pet Photo Session FAQ

What to do before your pet session

   ▼ Clean and remove any distracting items from the area, inside of your home, that you wish to have the photo session.
We will have props with us but if you have a special toy or other item your pet would enjoy by all means let us know and we can use it as part of the pets experience.
   ▼ If your dog is overly hyper or a young puppy make sure you wear them out so it will tire them out a bit. This will be helpful in keeping them more calm during the pet session.
   ▼ Get your pets groomed and bathed before the session so they will look their best for the session. We also allow for a maximum of two people to be photographed with the pets so make sure everyone is groomed and ready for the session.

   ▼ Feed and water your pets and if at all possible make sure they have taken care of their business just before time for us to arrive for the pet session.
If you have children and they are not to be part of the session please have a means to keep them from the pet session area in or outside of your home. This will keep your pets more calm and will keep us from being distracted.
   ▼ While inside no leash or collar is required for your pets but it will be required at a park or other outside locations. Don't worry we can edit out the leash in post processing of your images.
   ▼ Keep calm and please don't be stressed before and during your pet session. Remember animals of all kinds do pick up that you are uncomfortable so they in turn will reflect your behavior. We want this to be a happy and relaxed experience for all involved.


What to expect during the Pet Session

   ▼ When we first arrive to the assigned location of your pet session we will formally introduce ourselves if we have not yet met in person. Then we will want to meet with your pets before the session so they are comfortable with us.
   ▼ If the session is to be in your home one of us will look over the area you have chosen to see if anything needs to be removed or rearranged. While this is taking place one of us will have you re-read over your contract that you received via email. Once you have re-read it we will have you sign and date a copy of it. Payment for the pet session will also be required before we proceed with the pet session. 
   ▼ We will then need an area out of the way (home location) to begin organizing our camera gear (cameras and tripods) and other items for the pet session.
   ▼ During your park session either one of us or you can stand to the side holding the leash and as stated any leashes will be edited out during the post processing of your photos.
We will both be photographing your pet(s) or one will be in assistant mode if you have one pet. With your approval we will give your pet treats off and on during the session as this helps keep your pet(s) focused on us and the camera.
   ▼ Once the pet session is over we will have you sign and date a receipt for your records and our records.


What to expect after the Pet Session


   ▼ Once we have proofed and edited your images we will upload them to a password protected gallery. We will send you via email the gallery link, password and expiration date of the gallery. You are encouraged to share the link and password to the gallery with your family and friends.
   ▼ For your 8.5"x11" you will receive a special code to be used once during your checkout process and will not include a discount on the cost of shipping.
   ▼ Your gallery will be be set with a 30 day expiration date and a reminder email will be sent a few days before it is due to expire. During the ordering process you are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you and your wonderful pets.

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