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Mammals that are in the Natural World.
Squirrel eating on pumpkin seedsRadnor Lake squirrel sitting on broken tree while eatingFox Squirrel doing YogaFox Squirrel ninjaFox Squirrel PosedFox Squirrel GroomingFox SquirrelAn adorable Beaver Radnor LakeRadnor Lake BeaverBeaver swimming along Radnor LakeAdorable chipmunk on small limb Radnor LakeCute adorable chipmunk woods Radnor LakeOdocoileus virginianus adorable fawnOdocoileus virginianus fawn dwarfed in tall grassOdocoileus virginianus fawn standing near edge of Radnor LakeOdocoileus virginianus fawn grazingOdocoileus virginianus fawn eatingOdocoileus virginianus in tall grass Radnor LakeFemale deer doe in hidingFawn little White-tailed Deer

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