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Mammals that are in the Natural World.
Fawn little White-tailed DeerFawn walking in woods Long Hunter State ParkLittle White-tail FawnLong Hunter State Park White-tail Fawn DeerWhite-tail FawnAlong trail Long Hunter State Park fawnWhite-tailed Deer FawnDoe in woods at Bledsoe Creek State ParkCute chipmunk on a broken limb Radnor LakeFemale deer doe eating leaves grass winter woods groundDoe with big black eyesFriendly doe munching on the ground of the woodsThree point buck Radnor Lake Nashville TNBuck in marsh area of Radnor LakeDoe and her young off trail in woods Long Hunter State ParkDoe with her children Long Hunter State ParkDoe and fawn watching for others Peeler ParkDoe keeping an eye Peeler ParkDoe looking back as fawn eats Peeler ParkDoe looking back in field Peeler Park