Waterfowl wildlife that are located in and around local lakes, ponds and creeks.
Double-crested Cormorant perched on limb on waters of Radnor LakeDouble-crested Cormorant perched on limb behind leavesDouble-crested Cormorant perched at Radnor LakeDouble-crested Cormorant nibbling its back squareDouble-crested Cormorant looking backDouble-crested Cormorant in middle of green foliageDouble-crested Cormorant head bent back groomingDouble-crested Cormorant grooming chestDouble-crested Cormorant beak partially openA Double-crested Cormorant laughingA Double-crested Cormorant squatted down tail feathers in airDouble-crested Cormorant with hooked beak openA Double-crested Cormorant letting me know what they thinkNear the bank of Radnor Lake Great Blue HeronNear the brush of bank a Great Blue Heron perchedGreat Blue Heron Perched small log Radnor LakeGreen-Heron-Butorides-virescensGreat-Blue-Heron-Preen-While-Perched-On-Fallen-TreeGreat-Blue-Heron-Perched-On-Tree-PreeningButorides-virescens-Green-Heron

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