Waterfowl wildlife that are located in and around local lakes, ponds and creeks.
Green Heron perched in pine tree head arched downGreen Heron walking in waters of a pondGreen Heron perched in pine treeRadnor Lake Tennessee wildlife Blue Heron necked archedTennessee Wildlife Radnor Lake Great Blue HeronTennessee Wildlife Great Blue Heron neck curled groomingArdea herodias flying across waters of Radnor LakeBlue Heron great in flight squareGreat Blue Heron wings spread out in flight over Radnor LakeRadnor Lake Great Blue Heron flying across waters squareGreat Blue Heron flying above waters of Radnor Lake squareGreat Blue Heron with wings arched in flightDouble-crested Cormorant perched on limb behind leavesDouble-crested Cormorant nibbling its back squareDouble-crested Cormorant looking backDouble-crested Cormorant in middle of green foliageDouble-crested Cormorant head bent back groomingDouble-crested Cormorant grooming chestDouble-crested Cormorant beak partially openA Double-crested Cormorant laughing

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