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An assortment of classic, antique and modern motorized vehicles.
1896 Ford Quadricycle Engine Replica1896 Ford Quadricycle Headlight1896 Ford Quadricycle1910 Harley Davidson Road Bike1911 Marathon Chassis1911 Marathon Rolling Chassis1919 Leyat Helico1923 Tatra T-11 Inside View1923 Tatra T-11 Right Side View1923 Tatra T-111924 Citroën Autochenille Emblem1924 Citroën Autochenille Engine1924 Citroën Autochenille Expeditions1924 Citroën Autochenille1924 Sima-Violet Cyclecar1929 BMW Ihle 6001932 Helicron1936 Harris Aerodynamic Steam Car1937 Citroën 7C1938 Tatra T-57b Grill