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Statues, sculptures and monuments that can be found in different locations ranging from parks, cemeteries and historic locations.
Female sculpture hand up pressed against invisible force of sorrowWinged angel with leaf and berry headbandFallen angel of mourning sorrowSculpture of Jesus Christ Spring Hill Cemetery Madison TNSpring Hill Cemetery Messiah sculptureSpring Hill Cemetery female sculptureJesus of mercy Spring Hill Cemetery Madison TNFemale sculpture Spring Hill CemeteryMourning angel with berry and green leaf headbandColorful Schemerhorn Symphony Center Harmony Fountain at nightLighted night view of Apollo and Muse FountainHarmony fountain at night colorfulHarmony fountain Batman building in background Nashville TNVictory Sculpture Spirit Of Youth War Memorial Courtyard Nashville TNVictory Sculpture Clothed Draped War Memorial Courtyard Nashville TNVictory Sculpture Blue Sky War Memorial Courtyard Nashville TNVictory Reaching For The Sky War Memorial Courtyard Nashville TNThree Of The Bells Bicentennial Mall in Nashville TNThe 95 Bell Carillon Bicentennial Mall in Nashville TNSpirit Of Youth Sculpture War Memorial Courtyard Nashville TN

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