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Red Panda and Baird's Tapir that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
Ailurus fulgens Red Panda climbing up treeAilurus fulgens climbing up treeAilurus fulgens Red PandaRed Panda Ailuridae resting on tree limbRed Panda Qiji eating bamboo leavesPhayara Red Panda cub resting head on small limbQiji Red Panda in treeQiji Red Panda giving her baby a kissQiji Red Panda balancing on a branchQiji Red Panda and Phayara closeQiji cleaning herself up in a treePhayara Red Panda on ground behind bambooPhayara Red Panda mouth partially openPhayara Red Panda in curve of branch and treePhayara a Red Panda on groundPhayara a Red Panda nibbling on bamboo leavesPhayara a Red Panda holding bamboo leaves with her front pawPhayara a Red Panda hiding behind bamboo leavesQiji whispering in Phayaras earRed Panda mom being watchful

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