Captures taken of Primates that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
On all fours tail up Spider MonkeyRed Ruffed Lemur head laying on front paw looking a headSpider Monkey sitting on groundRed Ruffed Lemur ruffed ears restingRed Ruffed Lemur head laying on front pawRed Ruffed Lemur hanging onto tree limbRed Ruffed Lemur hand spread head laying downHanging with hand sitting Spider MonkeySpider Monkey hanging on vine with tailWhite-cheeked Gibbons female off by herselfThe two male White-cheeked Gibbons playing roughTwo White-cheeked Gibbons having funYoungster next to mom eating White-cheeked GibbonsRed ruffed Lemur mouth wide open yawningTeenager and Half brother playing White-cheeked GibbonsMexican Spider Monkey one leg out stretchedMexican Spider Monkey knees up sittingFemale White-cheeked Gibbon resting on winters day under treeFemale White-cheeked Gibbon laying back eatingRing-tailed Lemur in a relaxed sun daze

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