Captures taken of Primates that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
White-cheeked Gibbons female off by herselfThe two male White-cheeked Gibbons playing roughTwo White-cheeked Gibbons having funYoungster next to mom eating White-cheeked GibbonsRed ruffed Lemur mouth wide open yawningTeenager and Half brother playing White-cheeked GibbonsMexican Spider Monkey one leg out stretchedMexican Spider Monkey knees up sittingFemale White-cheeked Gibbon resting on winters day under treeFemale White-cheeked Gibbon laying back eatingRing-tailed Lemur in a relaxed sun dazeRing-tailed Lemur upright holding small treeClose up face view Spider MonkeyYoung adult male White-Cheeked Gibbon sitting on limbYoung adult male White-Cheeked Gibbon with young male White-Cheeked GibbonSiamang Gibbons on rockRing-tailed Lemur working on their zenSiamang Gibbons on rock in the centerSpider Monkey close view of faceRing-tailed Lemur sitting on butt

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