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Captures taken of Primates located in a zoo setting.
Gibbon on sitting on limb looking downGibbon hanging from limb holding hand to mouthGibbon holding food hanging from limbGibbon holding foodTwo White-cheeked Gibbons looking left and rightRing-tailed Leumurs all under treeRing-tailed Lemur holding down looking to the sideRing-tailed Lemur bent forward holding legsMale White-cheeked Gibbon sitting on warmth of rockMale White-cheeked Gibbon arm bent downLovely male White-cheeked GibbonFour Ring-tailed LemursFemale Northern White-cheeked GibbonFemale White-cheeked Gibbon in warmth of SpringWhite-cheeked Gibbons family togetherClose together Northern White-cheeked GibbonsStrepsirrhine primatesRing-tailed Lemur tongue touching noseRing-tailed Lemur smelling tailRing-tailed Lemur sitting up with tail out stretched