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Captures taken of Primates that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
Red Ruff Lemur in tree looking forwardRed-Ruffed Lemur on ground looking downwardRuff Lemur Red in TreeSingwah female White-cheeked GibbonMother and Son White-cheeked GibbonsMom with tongue out baby in lap White-cheeked GibbonsMom White-cheeked Gibbon with step-brotherMale White-cheeked Gibbon on ground by tree with momMakaio White-cheeked Gibbon baby boy nursing on mom SingwahMakaio in Singwah lap on branch White-cheeked GibbonsBaby White-cheeked Gibbon in moms lap with his fingers in his mouthBaby nursing White-cheeked GibbonBaby boy Makaio nursing on mom Singwah sitting on logYoung White-cheeked Gibbon playing with step brotherBaby and mom White-cheeked Gibbon on tree limbBaby male White-cheeked Gibbon with mom sitting on rockTwo Spider Monkeys One Coming Down behindTwo Mexican Spider Monkeys Sandy and PoppyTwo Mexican Spider Monkeys on treeSpider Monkey looking upside down while being groomed

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