Captures taken of Primates that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
Spider Monkey hanging a hold of vine against treeProfile of Ateles geoffroyi vellerosusPortrait of Mexican Spider Monkey against treeMexican Spider Monkey subspecies of the black-handed spider monkeyMexican Spider Monkey sitting on limb square formatMexican Spider Monkey square formatMexican Spider Monkey side view with vineMexican Spider Monkey holding on vine square formatWide eyed Mexican Spider Monkey looking upwardMexican Spider Monkey grooming himselfMexican Spider Monkey arm bent hanging on vineMexican Spider MonkeyRed Ruff Lemur in tree looking forwardRed-Ruffed Lemur on ground looking downwardRuff Lemur Red in TreeSingwah female White-cheeked GibbonMother and Son White-cheeked GibbonsMom with tongue out baby in lap White-cheeked GibbonsMom White-cheeked Gibbon with step-brotherMale White-cheeked Gibbon on ground by tree with mom

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