Captures taken of Primates located in a zoo setting.

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Strepsirrhine primatesRing-tailed Lemur smelling tailRing-tailed Lemur tongue touching noseRing-tailed Lemur sitting up with tail out stretchedRing-tailed Lemur sitting down with paws in frontRing-tailed Lemur originally from MadagascarRing-tailed Lemur on a Spring dayRing-tailed Lemur nibbling tailRing-tailed Lemur looking and listeningRing-tailed Lemur holding tightly to tailRing-tailed Lemur holding furry tailNashville Zoo Madagascar Ring-tailed LemurMister adorable Ring-tailed LemurLemur cattaLook deep into my eyes Ring-tailed LemurWhy yes I am originally from Madagascar Ring-tailed LemurSiamang sitting on rock looking back with puzzled eyesSiamang Gibbon sitting high up on a limb puffed up cheekSiamang Gibbon sitting high up a tree on a limbRingtailed Lemur on limb looking upward with a tip of tongue showing


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