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Captures taken of Primates that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
White-cheeked Gibbon mother son high on limbWhite-cheeked Gibbon mother and son high in treeWhite-cheeked Gibbon mother and baby boyWhite-cheeked Gibbon mom with baby in lap having a snackWhite-cheeked Gibbon mom in tree baby hanging aboutWhite-cheeked Gibbon high in tree baby holding tightWhite-cheeked Gibbon eating snack with babyWhite-cheeked Gibbon baby standing on limbWhite-cheeked Gibbon baby in lap while she has a snackWhite-cheeked Gibbon baby enjoying the ride on momWhite-cheeked Gibbon baby boy nibbling on armWhite-cheeked Gibbon baby boy enjoying some freedomWhite-cheeked Gibbon baby boy hanging on as mom swingsWhite-cheeked Gibbon swining with baby boy hanging tightGibbon on sitting on limb looking downGibbon hanging from limb holding hand to mouthGibbon holding food hanging from limbGibbon holding foodTwo White-cheeked Gibbons looking left and rightRing-tailed Leumurs all under tree

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