Captures taken of Primates located in a zoo setting.

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Siamang sitting on rock looking back with puzzled eyesSiamang Gibbon sitting high up on a limb puffed up cheekSiamang Gibbon sitting high up a tree on a limbRingtailed Lemur on limb looking upward with a tip of tongue showingRingtailed Lemur tail in airRingtailed Lemur on limb hanging on looking to the backRingtailed Lemur on limb hunched down on limbRingtailed Lemur holding onto his tailRingtailed Lemur holding tight looking down at groundAri White-cheeked Gibbon up in tree restingAri White-cheeked Gibbon with her mouth partially openAri White-cheeked Gibbon snacking on long blade of grassAri White-cheeked Gibbon sitting holding limb head tiltedAri White-cheeked Gibbon sitting holding onto small limbWhite-cheeked Gibbon Ari hanging with all fourWhite-cheeked Gibbon Ari yawning as she sits up in treeAri White-cheeked Gibbon hanging with head tiltedAri white-cheeked gibbon cleaning off a grapeAri white-cheeked gibbonAri white-cheeked gibbon starting to yawn