Captures taken of Primates that you could discover in a conservation educational animal habitat.
Ring-tailed Lemur in a relaxed sun dazeRing-tailed Lemur upright holding small treeClose up face view Spider MonkeyYoung adult male White-Cheeked Gibbon sitting on limbYoung adult male White-Cheeked Gibbon with young male White-Cheeked GibbonSiamang Gibbons on rockRing-tailed Lemur working on their zenSiamang Gibbons on rock in the centerSpider Monkey close view of faceRing-tailed Lemur sitting on buttMom White-Cheeked Gibbon hanging with one armRing-tailed Lemur in the zen zoneVarecia rubra looking back curled up in a ballVarecia rubra two curled up one looking leftVarecia rubra red ruffed lemur two curled upAteles geoffroyi vellerosus two on treeAteles geoffroyi vellerosus strong tail curledAteles geoffroyi vellerosus Spider Monkey head laying down on tree looking downAteles geoffroyi vellerosus Spider Monkey being curiousAteles geoffroyi vellerosus side profile tree background

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