Captures of birds and waterfowl out in the natural world.

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Great Blue Heron lifting foot Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron walking the edge of Radnor Lake Nashville TNGreat Blue Heron walking toward the bank Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron near leaf covered Radnor LakeOn a branch Barred Owl Radnor Lake PortraitBarred Owl near East Parking lot on Lake Trail Radnor Lake PortraitGreen Heron in wading water at Murfree Spring WetlandsBlack-crowned Night Heron wading in undergrowthBlack-crowned Night Heron colorful orange eyeBlack-crowned Night Heron back turnedGreen Heron on end of fallen treeEgret curved wings in flightEgret gliding in flightEgret perched on branch near waters edgeFamily of wild turkeysEgret wings up in flightEgret perched on a branchEgret perched at Bledsoe Creek State ParkEgret in flight edge of woodsOn a branch Barred Owl Radnor Lake