Captures of birds and waterfowl out in the natural world.

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Tufted Titmouse on small branch of backyard treeNorthern Flicker wintery West NashvilleNorthern Flicker perched on branch of treeNorthern Flicker perched high up on tree in backyardDowny Woodpecker on side of backyard treeDowny Woodpecker on cold frozen treeBackyard Northern FlickerA Downy Woodpecker enjoying the backyard treeWintertime backyard Downy WoodpeckerCardinal perched on ice covered branchRobin in Ice Covered TreeRobin on a cold winters dayCardinal in red ice of winterRadnor Lake Barred Owl perched on small limbBlue Heron on fallen tree near waters of Radnor Lake Nashville TNBlue Heron in flight over waters of Radnor LakeBlue Heron in flight wings arched Radnor LakeBlue Heron in flight over Radnor LakeBarred Owl portrait perched on limb Radnor Lake in winterBlue Heron at waters edge of Radnor Lake in winter