Mammals that are in the Natural World.

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Buck of the Fall in Radnor Lake Natural AreaThree point buck Radnor Lake Nashville TNBuck in marsh area of Radnor LakeRadnor Lake buck in marsh areaDoe and her yong off trail in woods Long Hunter State ParkDoe with her children Long Hunter State ParkDoe and fawn watching for others Peeler ParkDoe keeping an eye Peeler ParkDoe looking back as fawn eats Peeler ParkDoe looking back in field Peeler ParkTeenage deer in field Peeler ParkTwo fawns in field Peeler ParkYoung buck runningYoung buck running with hind legs in airYoung buck grazing in field at Peeler ParkYoung buck grazing Peeler ParkFamily of deer Peeler ParkYoung buck in field Peeler ParkBuck and two does countryside Burns TNBuck and Doe countryside Burns TN