Captures of non-animal captures which will include insects, bugs, turtles, non-living seashells and an occasional lizard or two.

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Whisperly monarch butterflyGolden orange butterfly on flower Grassmere gardenWhisperly orange butterflyWinged Stick bug Mantis arm resting on kneeWalking Stick Mantis front legs upStick Crawler MantisNight time MantisLate evening model Walking Stick MantisFull Walking Stick Mantis front legs upBack view of Walking Stick MantisWinged Stick insect MantisBox turtle Radnor Lake leaves borderBox turtle Radnor Lake resting on logDragonfly blue sitting on blade of grassClose up view of Blue Dragonfly on tip of twigBanded groundling on a stick in swampBanded groundling dragonflyDragonfly resting on edge of blade of grassDragonfly on tip of plant twigDragonfly on side edge of blade of a plant