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Captures of nature which will include insects, bugs, turtles, reptiles, seashells and an occasional lizard or two.
Box Turtle on bank of Radnor Lake State Natural AreaBox Turtle on log waters of Radnor LakeMom and baby turtle on log Radnor LakeThree Box Turtles on a log in the water of Radnor LakeTwo turtles sunning on log Bledsoe CreekTwo turtles on leaning tree Bledsoe CreekBledsoe Creek turtles sunning themselvesRadnor Lake Northern Water Snake Black and WhiteTwo Northern Water Snakes Radnor LakeRadnor Lake Northern Water SnakeOne Northern Water Snake wondering why the other one is yawningOne large snapping turtle and small turtle on a logNorthern Water Snake Radnor LakeLarge snapping turtle on a log in waterA Nothern Water Snake with mouth wide openTwo Turtles sunning themselves on a treeWhisperly monarch butterflyGolden orange butterfly on flower Grassmere gardenWhisperly orange butterflyWinged Stick bug Mantis arm resting on knee