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Mount Olivet has been in continuous operation since being established in 1856. Many of Middle Tennessee's well known citizens, political and business leaders, including several former governors of Tennessee, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Congressional Representatives call Mount Olivet their final resting place.
Fall Colours at Mount Olivet CemeteryWarm color of fall winged angelSweet one female sculpture in center of treesStone of Cross in front of Orange Fall LeavesSphinx sculpture resting monumentSpecial Female Sculpture Fall Leaves on groundSoothing Fall Leaves Female SculptureRed Orange Fall Leaves Cube MonumentPlotonius Nude Winged Angel DivinePearl female sculptureOrange Leaves Covering Mt Olivet CemeteryOrange color of fall winged angel Mt Olivet CemeteryOrange color of fall winged angel Mount Olivet CemeteryOrange color of fall winged angel arm in air Mt Olivet CemeteryObelisk in front of colorful Fall TreeMy lady in resting Mt Olivet CemeteryMessiah with three kidsMortal cross colorful fall treeMadame Of Sorrow Sculpture Mount Olivet CemeteryLong Flowing Hair Female Sculpture

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