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Captures of Summer, Spring, Fall floral flowers found in a garden or out in nature.
White petals of Southern Magnolia bloomSouthern Magnolia tan to the left and white to the rightSouthern Magnolia soon to bloomSouthern Magnolia rainy bloomSouthern Magnolia on the Ellington Ag Center groundsSouthern Magnolia leaves of bloom turning to off whieSouthern Magnolia elegant tree bloomSouthern Magnolia elegant of a soon to be bloomSouthern Magnolia elegant bloomSouthern Magnolia bloom petals openingHalf and half Southern Magnolia bloomPortrait of Southern Magnolia closed bloomSouthern Magnolia bloom of white petalsSouthern Magnolia before the opening actAsiatic lilies Lilium asiaticLilium asiaticLilium asiatic Asiatic liliesPaeonia lastiflora whiteA single Pink Dogwood Bloom against a sea of green leavesRepeating Two Dogwood Tree Blooms with two green leaves

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