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Captures of Elephants and Giraffes.

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African Elephant with both ears spread openAfrican Elephant watching muddy water flyingAfrican Elephant side view trunk curled up drinkingAfrican Elephant flinging muddy water into the airAfrican Elephant side view sampling waterAfrican Elephant front feet in muddy waterMuddy water flowing from African Elephant trunkGiraffe Nashville Zoo saying helloGiraffe long neck moving acrossTwo giraffes criss crossPattern on Masai GiraffeMasai giraffe side view Nashville ZooNashville Zoo giraffe grinning MasaiGiraffe with a slight grinAfrican Elephant just tip trunk in water of pondAfrican Elephant just on other side of boulderAfrican Elephant foot up turning to the rightAfrican Elephant edge of pond leaning to the leftAfrican Elephant close trunk curled tip in mouthAfrican Elephant creases lines in trunk