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Display 12"x12" Prints using Vinyl Record Cover Holders

A fun, creative and functional way to display 12"x12" prints is by using a Vinyl Art Cover holder that allows for quick access to swap out your prints. You can locate several out on the market but I will be discussing two that will work wonders in displaying your prints. When ordering a 12"x12" print choose the double weight backboard option under the mount and frame option.

Mounting your print on a backboard not only gives the print extra support, but it also helps preserve the value of the print over time. Double-weight backboard is 1/8" thick. These are rigid, lightweight art boards added to the back of the print with a smooth white surface and a white foam center. Please note it does require an extra day for processing.


Examples of Photo Captures by Jeffery prints that make great 12"x12" prints.
Visit my site for more wonderful assortment of photographic captures.

You can click images to bring them up in their perspective galleries.

Warm calming waters of Radnor Lake Nashville TN squareWarm calming waters of Radnor Lake Nashville TN squareThe very peaceful restful nature filled Radnor Lake in between a summer rain here in Nashville TN. Warm calming waters of Radnor Lake Nashville TN

Ripples and reflections in Harpeth River SquareRipples and reflections in Harpeth River SquareView of the Harpeth River from Gravel Bar Rd off of Harris Street in Kingston Springs TN. Ripples and reflections in Harpeth River

Sunset Abstraction Harpeth River squareSunset Abstraction Harpeth River squareArtistic water views of the Harpeth River during a mid winters sunset. Sunset Abstraction Harpeth River

Blue splash green tint letter Graffiti squareBlue splash green tint letter Graffiti squareSome wonderful artistic graffiti on CarQuest on the corner of Elgin Street and Nolensville Road in South Nashville TN. Blue splash green tint letter Graffiti

Graffiti covered locaked box squareGraffiti covered locaked box squareA graffiti filled abandoned car wash located in Donelson TN. Graffiti covered locked box

The following are two companies you can order vinyl cover art display frames from and please note I have no connection with them and I have not personally used their products.


The Play & Display Flip Frame

With The Play & Display Flip Frame you can display album artwork or in this case 12"x12" prints and easily change the contents without removing the frame from the wall. The frame offers convenience of not having to remove it from the wall to change out prints and offers UV protection of your prints. The Play & Display can be purchased on their site and retail cost for one is $59 USA Dollars or $159 for a set of three and it is made in the UK. You can choose either black or white color and they are shipped in secure packaging and they arrive ready to use.

single-frameblacksingle-frameblackThe Play & Display Flip Frame


The Records on Walls Holder


For a more reasonable way to display your 12"x12" prints there is the Records On Walls Holder. The holder is made of sturdy high quality plastic, black or white in color, and will hold your print securely on the top and bottom but not on all sides which makes it easy to replace prints. The holder doesn't offer UV protective glass or acrylic cover. The cost for one starts at $8.99 but if you order in bulk the prices drop per unit purchased. Records On Walls holders are made in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada and for USA orders they ship out of Buffalo, NY via FedEx.

01_single_empty_record_frame01_single_empty_record_frameRecords On Walls Frame

 Again, Photo Captures by Jeffery, has no connection with Records On Walls nor with The Play and Display Flip Frame so please review their policies before completing your orders on their individual sites. The watermark in the lower right corner will not appear in final print or product.


Photo Captures by Jeffery
Bulent- Another option is my suggestion in my previous post about 5"x7" Metal Prints with magnetic backing hanging them on metal surface or placing them on a small easel on a shelf.
Bulent Celasun(non-registered)
Good idea indeed.
Now all I need is another wall :)
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Photo Captures by Jeffery with camera.Photo Captures by Jeffery with cameraJeffery with his camera.


On Photo Captures by Jeffery, my photos range from artistic to wildlife that you can purchase as framed or unframed prints, with loads of variety in home decor - metal, canvas, acrylic, fotoflots, stand outs, or fine art prints, perfect for your home or office and for use as cherished unique gifts for any occasion.

I am a Pet photographer that can create photo captures of your pets in the Nashville TN area and surrounding communities.

The watermark in the lower right corner on images will not appear on the final print nor on final print showcase products.


ck-secure with camerack-secure with camera


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