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Welcome to Photo Captures by Jeffery Blog.

The purpose of my blog is to share some insight into my photographic journey and as means to spotlight photo captures. Thank you for interest in me and my photography.



CMA Music Festival

CMA Music Festival In Nashville June 7-10


It is time for the annual CMA Fest that will be held in Nashville Thursday the 7th until Sunday 10th of June. The town will be filled with Country Music fans, tourists, music and plenty of places to enjoy yourselves.

Reflections in water riverfront Music City Nashville cloudy skyReflections in water riverfront Music City Nashville cloudy skyJuly late evening and night views of Music City Nashville Tennessee riverfront.
Reflections in water riverfront Music City Nashville cloudy sky


CMA Music Festival started in 1972, named Fan Fair, as away for fans of Country Music to meet their favorite singers, songwriters and the stars of Music City. It has increased from 5,000 fans attending to last years record breaking 80,000 attending the festival.

Elegant iris veined petals Ellington Ag Center Iris Garden artistic renderingElegant iris veined petals Ellington Ag Center Iris Garden artistic renderingSpring is the time for elegant, beautiful and fragrant aromas of Irises.

Created some digital artistic renderings of the elegant irises located in the Ellington Iris Garden.

At the Ellington Agricultural Center you will discover the Middle Tennessee Iris Society Iris Garden with a lovely assortment of tall and dwarf variety of Irises.

Elegant iris veined petals Ellington Ag Center Iris Garden artistic rendering


Over the years the biggest issue for folks has been the heat and humidity of Nashville TN. A few tips to keep cool and hydrated

  • Remember to wear light colored clothing
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Keep a wet washcloth in a Ziploc bag in your purse or bag 
  • Stay in the cool as much as possible
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid a lot of sugary drinks and this includes energy drinks
  • If you drink alcoholic beverages make sure you continue to also drink plenty of water.

These are only suggestions and should not by any circumstance replace qualified medical advice. If you feel fatigued, sick, headache or light headed seek immediate medical attention at one of the first aid stations during CMA Fest.

Warm calming waters of Radnor Lake Nashville TNWarm calming waters of Radnor Lake Nashville TNThe very peaceful restful nature filled Radnor Lake in between a summer rain here in Nashville TN.
Warm calming waters of Radnor Lake Nashville TN


When you are not at one of the many stages watching performances or waiting inline to get an autograph you can visit Photo Captures by Jeffery to purchase prints.

You can order photographic art prints that you can have framed or unframed and printed on either metal, canvas, acrylic, fotoflots, stand outs or fine art prints. I also offer you a nice assortment of gift products from calendars to posters. They will be a nice way to remember your time in Music City and the print(s) or products will be delivered to your door so you won't have to worry about taking them on a plane or having to pack them safely in your vehicle.


Side View Of Korean Veterans Blvd Bridge Nashville TNSide View Of Korean Veterans Blvd Bridge Nashville TNDifferent views of the Korean Veterans Blvd Bridge that connects the east bank to the west bank of Music City Nashville TN.
Side View Of Korean Veterans Blvd Bridge Nashville TN

Either come a few days early or stay a few days later after the festival to enjoy more of what Nashville Middle Tennessee has to offer than the downtown Honky Tonks.

We have a wonderful world class zoo Nashville Zoo that would be great fun for young and old.

If you are a fan of the show Antique Archaeology American Pickers they have a small fan/tourist store located in the historical old Marathon Automobile car factory building. Now don't forget to explore the other shops located within the historically building after you visit their shop. Their store is small so if it is peek time it might be a bit crowded.

For those that want to get into nature and are up for a nice nature hike/walk a must visit is Radnor Lake State Park as it has some wonderful trails through the forest and along the human made lake. If you go mid-morning or later expect to fine a line of cars waiting to get a parking spot and also the later you wait the less likely you are to experience some of the wildlife that call Radnor Lake home. The Walter Criley Visitor Center is only accessible by vehicle from Granny White Pike which is the bigger parking lot but both parking areas have restrooms.

If you are wanting to spend the day by the water or on the water go to Percy Priest Lake that is on I-40 East past the airport. It might be too late but you can check with the Elm Hill Marina or Nashville Boat Rentals to see about renting a boat for a few hours or all day. I don't have any connections nor personal knowledge of either business. You can also enjoy some nice swimming in pools or the lake at Nashville Shores.

If you are wanting to pay homage and your respects to the late Country Music stars you can visit their grave sites. I am sure there are many buried in other cemeteries but I am going to list three Woodlawn Memorial Park, Spring Hill Cemetery and the historic Mount Olivet Cemetery.

Along with Country Music, Nashville has a wonderful arts community in our ever growing and expanding city. The Frist Art Museum has nice assortment of different exhibits running out thru the year. Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art is a 55-acre botanical garden and historic estate in Nashville, featuring art galleries. The Parthenon in Centennial Park has a gallery along with a large scale replica of Athena Parthenos inside for visitors to enjoy. I know a lot of folks are like me and consider the automobile to be a work of art so a must visit is the Lane Motor Museum it has the largest European collection of cars and motorcycles in the United States.


That was just a handful of places to visit and things to do while here in Music City Nashville TN. You can find lot more of my photography on, Photo Captures by Jeffery, that covers several areas here in Nashville and Middle TN. While you are here in town remember to have fun, be safe, enjoy our city and treat our town as if it were your own home.



Jigsaw Puzzles

New Product

Jigsaw Puzzles


8" x 10" 30 piece Puzzle
8" x 10" 110 piece Puzzle
11" x 14" 252 piece Puzzle
14" x 20" 500 piece Puzzle
31" x 21" 1000 piece Puzzle



Uncle Pete stands up after dinner looks around the table and announces, "It is time to unplug." We all put down and turn off our phones and tablets and clear the table. Pete has three new Photo Captures by Jeffery puzzles for us to work. For the next couple of hours the room is filled with laughter and shouts of "I have that piece." Pete the Puzzle Man, is what we all call him, the man who can get us all to stop to collectively accept the challenge of connecting pieces together to make a great family memory.

Pete will always ask, "How do you work a puzzle?" Most of the veteran puzzlers sit quietly waiting for a response from one of the uninitiated. Invariably, there will always be one that will say something like, "one piece at a time." Pete will look around the room at the others seeing their reaction to the answer and then looks back at the brave soul who confidently answered the question. He will lean in and ask the question again but before the answer can be repeated Pete will gently say, "Together".


Skirting the tree line Nashville cityscape puzzleSkirting the tree line Nashville cityscape puzzleNashville cityscape and city skyline photo captures created at two different locations in Music City.

Imagine your favorite PhotoCapturesbyJeffery.com photographic artwork transformed into a beautiful interlocking die cut puzzle.

Psychedelic abstract creek rocks Richland Creek puzzle smallerPsychedelic abstract creek rocks Richland Creek puzzle smallerPsychedelic digital abstract of stones, rocks and pebbles under the clear waters of Richland Creek in West Nashville TN.

Each puzzle is printed on a satin finish pre-diecut puzzle board. Comes with a metal tin box imprinted with the puzzle's assembled image.

Tennessee wildlife birds Barred Owl puzzleTennessee wildlife birds Barred Owl puzzleThe ever wise Barred Owl perched upon a branch of a tree in the edge of the forest at Radnor Lake here in Nashville TN.

The owl sat watched everyone pass her by as she would nap and then look about.

These are the perfect sentimental photo gift for any occasion.

1937 Delahaye 135MS Roadster Front and Side puzzle1937 Delahaye 135MS Roadster Front and Side puzzleThese beautifullly sinuous automobiles and motorcycles, that are between the 1920's to the 1940's, are part of the Sensuous Steel Art Deco Automobile exhibit at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville TN.

Choose your favorite Photo Captures by Jeffery photographic artwork and choose from one of the two sizes with the corresponding piece count.

Antique Fire Truck Blended puzzleAntique Fire Truck Blended puzzleAn Antique Fire Truck photo capture created while at the Scottsboro-Jordonia Antique Tractor and Car Show that was held at Flowers Farms on Saturday September 21, 2013 in rural Nashville TN.


The puzzles are listed to the right in the selected price list. You can view more print and product options by clicking the Visit Shop button above the selected price list.

Please contact me if you have any questions on ordering puzzles or questions about any of my photographic art print captures.




Cheer Magic Shirt

A few months ago a good friend posted on Facebook about her daughters cheerleading. Her daughters cheer squad was looking for sponsors with monies donated for t-shirts. Part of the sponsorship was that donors would have their name/business listed on the back of the shirts.

Cheer Magic ShirtCheer Magic ShirtMe holding up the We Are Magic shirt showcasing the front and back.

You can find out more about their cheer leading at

"At Cheer Magic we apply our years of experience to teach any child how to learn the SPORT of cheerleading, from competition to tumbling classes we do it!"


Sharing a photo of the shirt front and back. Will check with my friend to see if there is a list of the sponsors and links to the businesses.

Jeffery Johnson | Photo Captures by Jeffery



Photo Captures by Jeffery with camera.Photo Captures by Jeffery with cameraJeffery with his camera.


On Photo Captures by Jeffery, my photos range from artistic to wildlife that you can purchase as framed or unframed prints, with loads of variety in home decor - metal, canvas, acrylic, fotoflots, stand outs, or fine art prints, perfect for your home or office and for use as cherished unique gifts for any occasion.

I am a Pet photographer that can create photo captures of your pets in the Nashville TN area and surrounding communities.

The watermark in the lower right corner on images will not appear on the final print nor on final print showcase products.


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