Creative and artistic Black and White photo captures of people, places and things that surround us.
Two blooms on a Dogwood Tree Black and WhiteBlack and White Print of Two Damara Zebras EatingBlack and White Lancia Ardea- 1950 Close View Lane Motor MuseumPortrait Male Sculpture Looking Upward Calvary CemeteryHands Pressed In Prayer Female Sculpture Black and WhiteThree kids with Jesus Black and WhiteThree kids and JesusFoot of Jesus SculptureBlack and White Weathered Female Sculpture Holding CrossFemale sculpture with urn outline digital renderingPearl female sculpture black and whiteTraditional Native American Dancer black and whiteTipi Black and WhiteJingle dancer moccasin covered foot in air black and whiteFirst Nations Dancer Black and WhiteFeather Fan holding Native American Dancer black and whiteBlack and White Native American Dancer holding feather fanBlack and White Side view of Native American DancerBlack and White Plains TipiBlack and White back view of Native American Dancer

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