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Captures of birds and waterfowl out in the natural world.
Red-tail Hawk with beak open with squirrel meatRed-tail Hawk meat of squirrel in beakRed-tail Hawk looking toward the rightRed-tail Hawk Looking to the leftRed Tail HawkProtrait of Red-tail Hawk having dinnerLong Hunter State Park Red-tail HawkA Canadian Goose being very vocalSquirrel DinnerIn the woods Red-tail HawkOn fallen tree Red-tail HawkRuffled feathers of a Ardea herodiasRadnor Lake Tom TurkeyMr Tom Turkey Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron On Log Radnor LakeFeathers on end Ardea herodiasBaby Barred OwlAt the calmness of Radnor Lake Ardea herodiasArdea herodias standing on log with wings archedArdea herodias reflections in water