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Captures of birds and waterfowl out in the natural world.
On a rainy summer day Great Blue Heron Radnor LakeGreen Heron with insect in beakGreen Heron perched on a fallen tree in the waters of Radnor LakeGreen Heron on edge of water on a logGreat Blue Heron with small fish in beakGreat Blue Heron portrait high in treeGreat Blue Heron Perched high in a treeGreat Blue Heron near the bank of Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron hiding on the bank of Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron fishing with wings upGreat Blue Heron fishing under waterGreat Blue Heron diving in waterFallen tree Radnor Lake Green Heron PerchedCooling color of duck silhouetteSilhouette of Duck perched on limb Radnor LakeGreat Blue Heron about to pull fish outThree Wood Ducks Murfree Spring Wetlands creekPortrait of Yellow-crowned Night HeronMurfree Spring Wetlands Yellow-crowned Night HeronMurfree Spring creek female Wood Duck

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