Captures of birds and waterfowl out in the natural world.

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Radnor Lake Barred Owl looking downwardRadnor Lake Barred Owl during the winterMallard Duck sleeping on a log in the waters Radnor LakeBarred Owl perched upon a limb barren winter treesPortrait of Barred Owl colorful winter Radnor LakeFour Ring-necked Ducks on waters of Radnor LakeBarred Owl feathers ruffled perched on broken limbBarred Owl perched on tip of broken limbThree Ring-necked Ducks on waters of Radnor LakeWild Turkey feathers up closeLittle bird perched on a small branchBarred Owl on side of vineBarred Owl flying off vineBarred Owl landed on branch next to other OwlBarred Owl coming in for a landing beside other owlRadnor Lake little bird perched on small branchBarred Owl coming in for a landingTufted Titmouse on small branch of backyard treeNorthern Flicker wintery West NashvilleNorthern Flicker perched on branch of tree