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Captures of birds and waterfowl out in the natural world.
Young Wild turkey chicksWild Turkey Hen Crossing A Fallen TreeWild white baby turky and siblingWild Turkey ChickWhite Wild Turkey ChickBarred owl perched upon cruved limbNear the bank of Radnor Lake Great Blue HeronClose view of Wild Turkey HenNear the brush of bank a Great Blue Heron perchedGreat Blue Heron Perched small log Radnor LakeHaemorhous-mexicanus-House-FinchHaemorhous-mexicanusStrix-varia-Radnor-lakeStrix-varia-looking-over-shoulder-perched-on-limbStrix-varia-barred-owl-on-tree-limb-looking-backStrix-varia-Barred-owl-looking-down-to-the-leftHoot-owl-Barred-owlGreen-Heron-Butorides-virescensGreat-Blue-Heron-Preen-While-Perched-On-Fallen-TreeGreat-Blue-Heron-Perched-On-Tree-Preening

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