Captures of birds out in the natural world.
Red-tailed Hawk perched in treeRed-tailed Hawk perched in back yard treeRed-tailed HawkTennessee wildlife birds Barred OwlTennessee Wildlife Barred OwlTennessee Radnor Lake Barred OwlSide view Barred Owl Radnor Lake Tennessee WildlifeRadnor Lake wildlife Barred Owl perched on small limbPerched on small limb Barred Owl Radnor LakeOne eye open Barred Owl perched on BranchHummingbird wings out in flightHummingbird tasting sweet nectorBarred Owl Radnor Lake Tennessee Head bent downHummingbird heading to wild flower bloomWild turkeys walking on trailBarred Owl eyes wide open perched on branch Radnor Lake TennesseeBack side view Barred Owl perched on small tree limbBarred Owl perched on branch grooming under wingWild turkeys out for a hike on Radnor Lake trailPileated woodpecker perched in forest

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