Captures of birds out in the natural world.
Bluejay triptychBluejay sitting in bird waist height of snowBluejay perched in hackberry treeBluejay in the first snow of the seasonBluejay holding a peanut in her beak in snowFirst season of snow BluejayBluejay diving into snowPortrait of Blue Jay perched on branchMockingbird perched on small branchFemale Cardinal about to grab a peanutBlueJay perched on branchBlueJay on ground with nut in beakBlueJay holding onto PeanutBlueJay about to dive downBlue Jay with peanut in beakBlue Jay perched on branch waitingBlue Jay perched on branch head tiltedBlue Jay perched on tree nubBlue Jay flying from perchSide view of Blue Jay perched on branch

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