Captures of big cats that include Bengal Tigers, Cougar, Eurasian Lynx, Clouded Leopards and Clouded Leopard Cubs.
Two wonderful Clouded Leopards togetherNose to nose eyes to eyes Clouded LeopardsClouded Leopard square formatClouded Leopard laying on ground looking forwardYawning of a feline Clouded LeopardClouded Leopards heads up laying on groundClouded Leopard on ground cleaning pawCougar up against brotherCougar head down with waterfall behind himWhite Bengal Tiger relaxing in the winter sunshineWhite Bengal Tiger laying down with tongue stuck outWhite Bengal Tiger laying down stiffing the groundCougar with head up for a momentLeopard CloudedLeopard Clouded looking forwardLeopard Clouded hunched downLeopard Clouded hunched down facing forwardFallen tree Clouded Leopard on the endClouded Leopard spiritClouded Leopard on fallen tree side view close

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