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A new Peru conservation exhibit here in Nashville TN for Andean Bears / Andean Short-faced bears / Paddington Bear. These wonderful photographic art captures will be great print gifts for those that enjoy appreciate and love bears.

On the grounds of the exhibit is an area for Guinea Pigs in a lovely grassy conservation exhibit. All these photographic art prints would be wonderful gifts for adorable animal lovers.
Adorable Paddington Bear sitting on fallen treeAffectionate male bearsAndean Bear looking forwardAndean Bear on ground head upAndean Bear sniffing grassAndean Bear walkingAndean male bear holding downAndean Paddington Bear sitting up right on groundAndean Short-faced bear butt down sniffing treeAndean Short-faced bear climbing fallen tree with easeAndean Short-faced bear climbing treeAndean Short-faced bear on fallen tree reaching up with one pawAndean Short-faced bear on groundAndean Short-faced bearBlack and White Guinea Pig coming out of hollow logBrown and White Guinea Pig grazzing on grassClose view of Andean Paddington BearCurved back of Andean Short-faced bear sittingFallen tree with Andean Bear standingLate evening of Andean Bear Silhouette

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